Into The Woods

It is a musical film which is based on the mixture of many fairy tales which are all connected with each other (Cinderella, The little red hiding hood, Jack and the beanstalk and also Tangled) These tales are all united With the story of a baker and his wife who want to found a family unfortunately for them a which casted a spell on them, to reverse the spell she asks them to go the the woods and bring her something from each heroes from the tales mentioned earlier. Their are many well known actors who are part of the cast for example Anna kendrick who played a role in the twilight movies as one of Bella’s schoolmate, but there is also the one and only Johnny Depp who performs the role of  the wolf.
I really want to watch this film because i am a big fan of these kind of films, i can’t wait for the release of the movie in France. For these who are also waiting i can suggest you to watch Sweeney Todd the demon barber of fleet street if you haven’t seen it already of course.

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