Mrs Dalloway, The Hours.

The Hours realized by Stephen Daldry is an adaptation of Michael Cunnigham’s novel, like this movie, he inspired himself by Virginia Wolf. She is a memorable figure of literature londoner society in the 20th  century. She is a feminist.

The principle in the Hours is to tell the three days of three women. Their life are in  different time, in the different place but they are link to one another by the history. This movie began in London’s suburb during the twenties. Virginia Wolf struggled against  madness, decided to start the writing of his novel Mrs Dalloway.

More than  twenty years later in Los Angeles, Laura Brown read this novel. It is a large experience so she decided to change his life…

In New York, today, Clarisse Vaughn, is a modern version of Mrs Dalloway, she helps his poet friend, who is affected by the aids.

The hours is a movie about art. It shows the need of creating, the feelings produced by the creation.  It is a challenge of the Hours, to materialise the plastic type of literature movement in order that make this story cinegenic

It is a beautiful movie, very well established with a fabulous casting. It is a moving testimony.

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