Today, i would like to introduce a book that we studied in French, last year this book is: The Regrets. This a collection of poetry by the French poet Joachim du Bellay (1522-1560), published in 1558. There are 191 sonnets that make up this book who is written with using alexandrines. These poems express the disappointment Du Bellay experienced during his travel to Italy from 1553 to 1557 with his uncle. At first, Joachim was very enthusiastic to go to Italy because of it’s in Italy that the Renaissance was born but he was disappointed by what he found and he quickly missed France. After have studied some extracts of this book, i bought it and i read it… My opinion is confused because some poems are too hard to understand whereas many of them are beautiful and well written!

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  1. I’m not a big fan of Du Bellay, He is really too romantic for me… His style of poetry is a kind of borring according to me

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