O Brave New World

In english class we read a novel written by Aldous HUXLEY in 1932. His novel « Brave New World » is an anticipation novel and dystopia. The story takes place in 2495; a group of students are visiting under the supervision of the director of the Center (DHC).

as we studied an extract in which the DHC present his aim, to produce buds (8 to 96 buds which produces 8 to 96 adults), I discovered several adaptations in the American TV: in 1980 Burt Brinckerhoff directed Brave New World and Le Meilleur des mondes was produced by Leslie Libman et Larry Williams in 1998.

I think I will watch these movies because it could be interesting

7 réflexions au sujet de « O Brave New World »

  1. Personally I found this book really boring and not really interesting but that’s only my point of view.

  2. I only like the extract we studied in class, I tried to read the rest of the book but I find it boring !

  3. This story is really interesting. We’ve studied an extract from it, and I’ve also read it in French class. I like this story but this is very special, for example, the reproduction is completly artificial. It’s a bit strange… but I like it!

  4. I read it last year, and honestly, at the beginning, I was really puzzled, and I thought that I wouldn’t like the book. But, after some chapters, I began to like it, and today it is one of my favorite book ! I have to admit that, at the beginning, when the Director explains all of the Bokanovsky process, it is a little bit boring!

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