Lisey’s Story.

I would like to share a novel with you.
This novel is entitled Lisey’s Story and was written by Stephen King.
This man is an author that everyone has already heard of and who is a reference of the fantastic and mystery literature. He has’nt lived a happy childhood and he was passionate for book since he was very young.

During twenty five years, Lisey have shared the secrets and the anxieties of her husband, who was a successful writer named Scott Landon. He was also a tormented men. When he died, Lisey found a treasure hunt in his stuff and she discovered that he had made it for her.

She also had to face the disease of her sister and was confronted to her history and her husband’s which she had repressed. She also had to face a man who wanted the manuscripts of her husband.
In his novel, King explore ideas such as death. He also mention in a very original way the secret language that a couple in love can use.

This love story is very different  from the ones we are used to. The author brings the reader into the intimacy of a couple and immerses him in an very realistic oneiric’s world, far from the horrors. We, readers, are put in a strange atmosphere with a lot of suspense. Which brings us a psychological terror. The story seems to be self conscious but still, it remains easy to understand. It is a very touching book.

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