Who don’t we  like  chocolate ? For chocolate addicts I recommend this book, Chocolat. It was published in 2000, written by Jeanne Harris, a british writer.

The story begin in 1959, with the arrival in french village of Viviane and her daughter. The village’s context is complicated, ti is traditional and religious. Viviane decided to restart the confectionery during The Carême (The Lent in English,  a religious celebration  where everyone should fast during 40 days). The village see her as a danger because her chocolate quickly begins to change the lives of people. The Town’s leaders even will accused her to be a witch. On this point it is possible that they were right ?

This book has an adaptation by Lasse Hallström,  a canadian director, in 2001. With famous actors like Juliette Binoche, Johnny Depp, Judi Dench and Alfred Molina. This movie received many awards for the Best ActressSoundtrack Composer of the Year and other.

I recommend this book and this film for the pleasure of senses. So enjoy your meal !

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  1. Ahah, I’ve never seen this movie and I’ve never read the book but if they are about chocolate…. why not?!

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