The Woman in Black.

Hi everyone ! Today, i would like speak about the last movie i saw in cinema : The Woman In Black : Angel Of Death.
This is the second part of The Woman In Black with the famous Harry Potter’s actor : Daniel Radcliffe. (He is a very interessant character in this first film).
The Woman In Black 2 is a supernatural thriller and drama directed by Tom Harper.
The story takes place in the same place than the first movie : in a big mansion in a desert place, surrounded by marshes in the north west of England. This is during the second world war, few orphans are send with two women for leave this environment of chaos and take some rest and education. But, of course, they don’t expect that this cold and (really really) scary mansion is inhabited by an other person. And this isn’t nobody : the woman in black. She is a kind of terrifying dark ghost without clear face. In the first film, we understand finally that she steals children from people who see her and so kill them in terrible conditions. This is very horrible, they are burn or hanged or strangled, things like that. She does this because of her difficult past, someone take her child off her and she assists at his horrible death (he drowned) by a window of the mansion, without can doing anything, then she hanged her and since this moment she’s back for doing the same horror to other people for they lived what she lived with the same fright.
So, personally, i really like watching horror movies (but never alone, of course). And i really enjoyed the first one, and the second is really interessant too, but more scarying than the first ! And this horror movie is really interessant too, thanks to the suspension and the story that we understand not easyly and not quickly. People must use their brain, and this is very cool than an other horror movie with just scream and blood.
Finally, i advised you a lot to watching this movie, but, i warn you.. Even if i watched a lot of horror movies, this one scared me a lot. (I hate you screamers).
And if you saw it, did you enjoy it ? Or are you too funky to do this ?

5 réflexions au sujet de « The Woman in Black. »

  1. I saw the first movie too, I really loved it ! It’s a really good story, but I don’t see the second movie, it’s sure that I’m going to watch it !

  2. « I am in love » with this kind of story! It’s not really scary but a little bite sad because of the children who are killed by this woman..

  3. I’ve ever seen the trailer and… I think it is really sad… But I’ll try to watch it. Why not..?

  4. I watched this movie three years ago and I was very scared. I found this movie terrible and very frightenning… But maybe if I try to watch it now, I wont find it so scary…

  5. I’ve never seen this movie and it’s not what I am found of… I don’t like horror films, this kind of story doesn’t make me very interested

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