Did you know that Kim Jong-Un loves Katy Perry ?

Today, I decided to talk about an american film called The Interview. Directed by Seth Rogen in 2014, starring himself, James Franco and Randall Park, The Interview is a comedy in which the host of the talk show Skylark Tonight and his producer have to kill the famous Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. In fact, The Interview isn’t a cinema masterpiece, but I found it interesting because It is a topicality.

Kim Jong-Un, born in 1983, son of Kim Jong-Il is the leader of North Korea (since december 2011). Officially, his government is not considered as a dictatorship, but unofficially, it is. At only 28, he became the « Supreme Leader of North Korea ». Some people said that he’d even tried to kill his step brother, to show who is « the boss » in North Korea. Like the previous leader of North Korea, he’s against South Korea, United States, and every country which agreed with it.

Moreover, even if the people of North Korea are starving, the « Supreme Leader of North Korea » is very fond of good food and luxury. Like his father and grand father, Kim Jong-Un use propaganda in an excessive way. The Interview shows it really well, because, when Aaron Rapaport and Dave Skylark enters in North Korea, they meet Sook-yin Park (minister of propaganda).
Kim Jong-Un is also known for the high number of executions, and for the concentration camps.

The Interview‘s release was very debated. In fact, after the release of the trailer, Kim Jong-Un asked the ONU to punished Rogen and Franco. He started to boycott the film. Sony (owner of Columbia) was victim of cyber attacks, and threatened by (probably) the North Korean government.

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