Big fish

Big Fish is an American fantasy film by Tim Burton, extract of John August‘s novel, and released in 2003.
Angry against his father, Edward since three years, Will Bloom went to his bedside when he falls ill. The young man took the opportunity to reconcile with him, but also to try to separate the facts of fiction in the stories that his father always told him. Indeed, Edward tells his life as if it were a series of incredible adventures in which he would meet a witch, a giant, siamese twins, a werewolf circus’  manager and many other crazy characters. But Will, believe that it’s just stories invented by his father to flees reality. Yet, even when he’s confronted with death, Edward continues to remember his life as magical events.

I saw this movie in english class during my first year in high school, and I liked it. This is a great mix between the magical worl of adventure that I love, and the realistic world. Thumbs up!

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  1. I think is one of my favorite Tim Burton’s movies, it’s a very good film !

  2. I didn read the book, but I saw the movie two times and it’s was strange, sad but very good. We are lost between the lies and the truth but the end is so beautiful !

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