Emergence: Labeled Autistic, Temple Grandin

Emergence: Labeled Autistic is the Temple Grandin’s autobiography released in 1986.

Temple Grandin was diagnosed autistic at 4 years old, she has the Asperger’s syndrome. This story relate his journey, from the first steps where she must be accepted by others who don’t understand her, to her study in university and her first invention, the hug machine.

Temple Grandin is a very interesting character for she had succeed at create a very affecting book, which can help everybody to more understand this illness and fight against prejudice. With this autobiography, we no longer see autist like stupids, because they are often more intelligent than normal people, but they have only a disorder to express herself and understand feelings. Now she is an American teacher an animal sciences, because she, with is illness, can understand animals, and their pain.

This book is very interesting and I recommends to reading it to understand the difficulties to live with autism and the fighting of Temple Grandin to be accepted.

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