The Book Thief

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I think I will present the theme « voyage and return stories » and I chose a novel for my third document: This novel is The Book Thief, written by an Australian author, Markus Zusak. It was published in 2005. I chose this novel because the story is unusual; for example, the main character’s life is narrated by Death, so details show more the dangers of the life. The scene takes place in Germany during the World War II. Liesel Meminger, (the main character) is sent in a family she doesn’t know because her mother can’t take care of her. Liesel discovers her new life with her new family, who loves her, even if Rosa Hubermann (her « new » mother) seems to be more distant. One day a man asks them to help him; he’s a Jewish (the story takes places in Nazi Germany) and his father was a friend of Liesel’s « new » father. So the family decides to hide him; he was staying at home every day so Liesel explains him what is the situation, and they become friends. But soon bombardments become more numerous and the family is not sure that Max can survive alone. So he decides to go out… I could say what happen after that but if you don’t know the story I prefer saying anything !

I think this story can be a good example for the notion, because Liesel discovers and understands what is the life during the war and she is not the same girl before and after Sam (his Jewish friend)… Are you agree or do you think I have to change my document?

There is also a film about this story, this is the trailer:


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