« Osceola the Seminole » by Thomas Mayn Reid

Osceola the Seminole: The Red Fawn of the Flower Land was written in 1858 by Scottish-Irish American novelist Thomas Mayn Reid.
The story takes place in the United States, more precisely in Florida, during the Second Seminole War. The book tells about Osceola, Seminole’s young leader. In 1836, during the Second Seminole’s War, when the United States tried to remove the tribe from their lands in Florida, Osceola led a small band of the warriors in the Seminole resistance.
The narrator is a young United States army solider George, the childhood friend of Osceola.
During the war, despite the fact that were in the different sides, they remain friends and help each other to survive.
But in 1937, to stop Indians resistance, United States authorities decide to capture Osceola by deception under a flag of truce when he went to the United States fort for peace talks.
George tries to help his friend, but unfortunately Osceola died in January 1838 at age of 33-34 in prison of cases reported as an internal infection of Malaria.
After Osceola’s death, the war’s end. George married with Osceola’s sister Mayumi, who he loved since childhood.
     In my opinion a great book, overflowing emotions! The story of friendship, first love on the battlefield. The life story of the man who fought until the end, his death for the Seminole’s people.


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