The Girl who loved Tom Gordon – Stephen King

Trisha is 9 years old. One day, while a walk with her family in the forest, she go away in the woods and she gets lost.
At the beginning, she can’t believe it : after all, the way she left a few minutes ago . But strangely, it seems to leak her, and more she walk, more she move away for civilization.
The twilight and the dark take her and scary her. She will not have enough food to survive in the forest, and she’s afraid of the beasts, the creatures which could erupt in the night.
The only contact she keeps with the world is the radio on her Walkman and Tom Gordon, a baseball player. Trisha’s anxiety get us too, her fears became ours and this is with a terrible anguish that we see hours pass and horrors of the night invade little by little the woods who imprisoned the little Trisha.

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