Hello everybody !

Today I’m going to speak about a book I found by pure chance at the School Library…

You know I’m really a curious person, so when I saw this word on the spine of a book, I was totally asthonished.

Maths ? A book about maths, it must be borring…

Actually, I look closer, and it was written « Mathis« , not Maths… Oh okay, everything changes now ! What a funny coincidence.

So now, let’s speak about the book itself. « Mathis, l’enfant qui venait du froid » (no english title, sorry !)I think it’s the goal of this article. Yeah it’s must be that.

Well, the fist thing I did, of course, was to read the blurb. Moreover it was really interesting !

If you want know, the story is set in the futur, where the Earth in unhabitable, because of all the problems we have now. (I mean our present ! ? So because of the Global Warming, Deforestation, Polar Ice Cap Melting, etc… All the problems we are trying to solve nowadays !). Here, the Earth got its revenge.

In that future, humanity lives under the groung in huge caves. It’s like gigantic ant-hills (the place where ants lives) where eveyone is desperate, since (= because) the life is borring, always the same. However we discover it after…

At the beginning, we meet Mathis who is waking up. After… 154 years ? He slept for 154 years because he has been frozen
You ask me why ? He had the cancer in 2008 so his parents wanted to save him by frozing him. Therefore he could be treated in the futur and continues his life without thinking about that illness. And this is what happened. It has worked ! 154 years after beeing frozen, he comes back to life, and the story starts here…

If you want more information, you can browse the internet to find other summarys ; what I said was just the outlines of the story.

I forgot to describe you the book. So, it was written by Éric Sanvoisin, and it was published in 2008. The book’s genre is Sci-Fi.

To me this is a worth reading book. In general, the story is interesting and entertaining. The subject wich is  described is something that could happen in the futur. There are also a lot of criticism.
There are not a lot of characters, therefore you are not lost.

However there is also an useless love story… It has no interest for the rest of the story.
To me it was perhaps a style that was too easy, you know, not developp enough. And, the end is really disappointing : it was stop too early. I mean there was not enough details.
Luckily, there is a sequel !  I didn’t read the volume 2 for the moment, but I think I will do it soon ! Because I want to know what’s going to happen next !

See you everybody ! 🙂

3 réflexions au sujet de « Mathis… »

  1. I love your article it’s very funny and original, it’s really great !
    I don’t know this book but it looks cool !
    Perhaps, i’m gonna to borrow this book in the school library 🙂
    Do you know if the author is going to write the third volume ?
    Although it was written in 2008, it can be possible…

  2. Hi ! Thank you so much ! I’m glad you find it cool 😉
    It does not only looks cool… Because it’s great !
    If you have the time for, I encourage you to read it when you will have not a lot of homeworks ! Because it’s not hard to read, you know.

    And to be honest I don’t even read the second volume… ^^’ (for the moment !) So I don’t know, but I guess this one is the final volume !

  3. I enjoyed reading your post, I found your it very funny! Even if I don’t really love science-fiction stories, this book seems to be very interresting. But, it’s a french book, isn’t it ?

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