The Red Riding Hood


The Red Riding Hood is Catherine Hardwicke’s american movie, directed in 2011. It’s a fantasy movie inspired by the tale « Le Petit Chaperon Rouge » by Charles Perrault, it’s a continuation of the story. The main actors are Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman, Shiloh Fernandez, Max Irons.
Valery, a girl who lives in a village, she has to get married to a man who she doesn’t love. One evening, while she wants to run away with Peter, the boy who she loves, her sister is killed by a wild and killer animal: it’s the werewolf who returns to the village. Nobody knows which is the werewolf, the werewolf is an inhabitant of the village who is turned in every full moon. Who is it? A friend? A neighbor? A sister? It’s necessary to find him before he kills again. But nothing unfolds as expected… Valery will try to escape the werewolf, he will propose her a very strange proposal. Will she agree to sacrifice herself for her village?

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