Dr Who !

 Dr Who is a British series of Syfy created by Sydney Newman and Donald Wilson. Dr Who is the longuest world series, she has 813 episodes and is still in production.

This series follows the adventures of « The Doctor « . He travels in time and space on board the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space). It is often accompanied by young women who are her friends. (Rose, Clara, .. ).He fights to save the planet from attacks of its worst enemies, the daleks, and other extraterrestrial. When the Dr is mortally casualty, it can regenerate and thus change appearance and sometimes personality, this is why this series has forteen doctor.

Throughout the series the name’s Doctor is not said.  

My favorite Doctor is the thirteenth, the actor is Matt Smith. This Doctor meet Emy Pound, Clara and lot of other caracter. I love this program because it refers to the problems of our society in a world extraterrestrial surrounded and threatened by the conflicts of the time war.

This serie is the best serie ever !


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  1. It looks like I’m the only one who never watched this serie… Although it seems to be cool. Despite of the episode’s huge number, maybe I’ll start it one day, who knows!

  2. I totally agree with you, it’s one of the best serie ever ! ^^ Personally, my favorite doctor is the tenth, i love David tennant, Matt is one of the best too.
    But Matt isn’t he the eleventh doctor ?

  3. I have never watched the serie but everybody talk about it so I suppose that it’s cool! May be, one day, I will watche it 🙂

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