George Orwell, 1984


Hi Everyone ! 🙂

Today I would speak about a book that I discovered for our « TPE » : 1984 by George Orwell. Orwell was an English author but he was born in India. 1984 is a dystopian science fiction novel, it was published on the 1949. For this novel Orwell was influenced by Aldous Huxley. Orwell describes a totalitarian area guarded by a Chief Big Brother.

In 1984 the world is divided into tree mains areas : Oceania, Eurasia and Estasia. These three areas are constantly at war. Oceania lives under a dictatorship :  » Big Brother is watching you « . Winston, the main character, thanks to his job, discovered some Truth, that he noted in a secret diary. So he is against the society and decided to rebel by integrating a group of rebels. But all that is not it a lie ?

I love this book because it shows us how the world can be cruel, I also loved the writing of George Orwell it’s very interesting ! But this book looks strangely like our society, we are being watched all of the time whithout even knowing it… Big Brother is watching you…

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