Man into Woman

Man into Woman is an autobiography written by Lili Elbe and published in 1933. This novel talk about the transformation of Einar Wegener into Lili Elbe, one of the first transgender. Einar Wegener was a famous painter born on the 28th december 1882, he was married to Gerda Gottlieb who was also a successful painter whose her paintings shows mainly a woman : Lili Elbe, and during the exhibitions this one was introduced by her wife as Einar Wegener’s sister.

Wegener always knew that there was a woman inside of him. One day, his wife asked him to pose for her instead of Anna larsen, a friend of the couple who couldn’t come, and when he dressed as a woman, he felt that something changed. He felt more confortable, more confident. Later, Anna arrived and when she saw Einar as a woman she called him Lili. From there, Lili was born.

This autobiography inspired an other novelist named David Ebershoff, who wrote a novel based on the life of Lili Elbe, entitled The danish girl, published in 2000 and whose this novel was the subject of a film adaptation entitled The danish girl too. The movie is released in 2015 and directed by Tom Hooper.
I choose to talk about this book because the life of Lili Elbe touched me. I think that she was a very strong woman for that time.
It is hard for most people to assume who they really are. It is as if we always wear a mask with the other people, just for being accepted. But sometimes we can see that there is some people who dare being themself even if they are judge by the others, just like Lili. I know that this is rather a taboo subject but i found that this is an unbelievable and beautiful story. 

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  1. It’s a very good choice ! This autobiography looks very interested !
    Do you have the novel ? I will read it !

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