» Graal » by Christian De Montella

Today I’m going to speak about a trilogy entitled  » Graal  »written by Christian De Montella.
It’s belong to fantasy novel.

So the strory talks about Merlin (son of devil) and his fight against good and bad when he was young and it’s speak also about every event and adventure before king arthur birth and the round table. In this book we can face with the famous Morgan, Lancelot ect….
It show the beginning of the quest of Graal with every characters’ difficulties.
This novel allows us to travel through legends of king arthur but also to travel in a new world and delve into the adventures of Merlin.
There is a lot of suspens in this book we are always trying to know what are going to happend next and when we strated the trilogy we feel like obliged to continue.

I like this trilogy because when I read it it’s like I retourned in the past and see everythings that happend it’s very amazing and I like this feeling.
I recommend this book for everybody who like this type of book and also for people who like King Arthur’s legends because it’s very interresting.

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