Big Fish, Tim Burton, 2003.

Big Fish is a film directed by Tim Burton in 2003 and produced by the Columbia Pictures studio. This movie draws the inspiration from the book « Big Fish: A novel of Mythic Proportions » by Daniel Wallace in 1998.

In this movie, there are somes actors a little bit famous, for example Ewan McGregor, Helena Bonham Carter, and a french actress Marion Cotillard ! And I love them !

The storie speaks about the relationship between Willam and Edward Bloom , a son with his father. This connection is strained and not really easy with this both characters.

During the Willam’s Weeding with Joséphine, his father started to explain the Willam’s Birth. He narrated this day with a lot of crazy and unlikely events with somes fantastic peoples, like a giant,..

During all the movie, we learn the life and the Edward’s journey. But we can’t really know if the storie told by the father was real or not..

It’s a beautiful movie, very touching and very magic. I love so much this film, because it gave me a lot of surprises and feelings. More, the actors are very very unusual ! It’s great !

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