Antichrist Superstar by Marilyn Manson,1996.




Brian Hugh Warner, also known as Marilyn Manson come from the United States of America, and grew up in the state of Ohio. Solitary, the boy lived in an almost alarming indifference. In addition, Bryan crossing a succession of events that led him to withdraw into himself : studies in a strict Catholic institution and inadapted to his personality, victim of racket and violence on the part of his comrades, etc… In the end, the teenager he was, turned to rock culture, a passion he shared with his father. Then, out of pure rebellion, he committed thefts and other petty offenses, and was introduced to drugs. At the end of his studies he became a journalist, specifically music critic for several magazines. The fact to interview many celebrities decides him to turn to music. And this is where the real fun begins ! Bryan invents an avatar, a character symbolizing everything he hates in the right-thinking American. It is a kind of fusion of all the fears they have lived during his youth. Marilyn Manson is the combination of two distinct facets of U.S.A. On the one hand we have glamor, superficial aesthetics, richness with Marilyn Monroe. On the other we have violence, death, unhealthy, madness with Charles Manson.

Today, i’m going to talk about the album Antichrist Superstar released by Marilyn Manson in 1996. At the time, nobody expected such a shock because Marilyn Manson was a band as others, which was especially marked by his cover of Sweet Dreams ( and a certain aesthetic research. But with this album, the band made its debut in the rock’nroll circus.

In this album, the band delivers a vicious music that makes feel the chaos and confusion through aggressive music, sound rather dirty and full, sometimes sticky. Manson, weak and strong contrasts with the music Beautiful People and violently rejects religion as the source of weakness with The Reflecting God. Brian Hugh Warner, with this disc want rise and reach the summits and it’s why he decided to go as far as possible in the destruction to get out more stronger. Sleep deprivation and food, drug and sexual wanderings, everything has met to put us in an extreme emotional state. His singing is affected, especially skinned and threatening, like his words, especially collection of twisted metaphors in Tourniquet.
Manson uses the rebellion. Fallen angel, Luciferian, he won with strength as the new nightmare of America who is a victim of religious fundamentalism, handling, commercial and moral perversion, hypocrisy and fear that must be abandoned. Man must regain confidence in him, but for this cause shall a positive Apocalypse. Destroy to rebuild in a better shape. He opened the lid of his suggestion box for a furiously filthy and nasty result degenerated witness of his time. The album nevertheless reached with almost minimalist Man That You Fear, strange lament that the image of the clip finally offer a human and fragile face to the group.

To conclude, Antichrist Superstar retains the venom that made his reputation, and remains for many the best album of Marilyn Manson. Real shout of victory over oneself and call to transcendence, it is also the opportunity to measure how much more a Marilyn Manson album goes beyond just music. By his aggressiveness, aesthetic care of his videos, concerts violence that accompany. He imposed as the new rock sensation metal and the public enemy Number 1 in the US.

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