I am a Pilgrim , Terry Hayes


Hi Everybody !

Today I would like to talk about the book I am a Pilgrim written by Terry Hayes.

Terry Hayes is an English screenwriter, producer and author. He wrote several scenarios adapted for the cinema by th biggest studios of Hollywood of which From Hell, Dead Calm and also Mad Max 2. I am a Pilgrim is his first novel, it was published on 2013 and it is a thriller.

A young woman murdered in a hotel of Manhattan. A zoologist, father, decapitated in Soudi Arabia. A series of murders all linked up with a man : Pilgrim. Under this name a man hides who in the past ran a unity of secret service and who before leaving, has writing a boof of reference on criminology and legal science. But past catches him, with all his secrets.

I have hesitated for a long time before reading it beacause it seemed to me violent. So yes, this book is violent, but the suspens makes addicted. It is not big litterature but the novel remains very rich in characters, in places, the book is also very interesting because there are different points of views. The link with our reality is well present, and it is what returns the terrible book.

“You can kill a thinker, but you can’t kill the thought »   

Terry Hayes.

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