Stranger Things By The Duffer Brother

Stranger Things is an american series where the story take place on Hawkins in 1984
A strange vanishing of a child after surnatural event sows panic on the city. The friends of the missing search him with hope. They met an etrange shaved girls who have got telekinesis power and who says know where is their friends. She maybe is the keys of the mystery that hides the Hawkins city.

It’s an original Netflix series realeased in 2016 and again on production. Very insteresting by his filmic method very aesthetic on an 80’s atmosphere. I find the actor play very good.

I advice this series at the amator of fantasy and suspens.

One thought on “Stranger Things By The Duffer Brother

  1. I watched this series so fast, it was very addicting ! The actors are very talented for their young ages it is impressive. I’m looking forward to watch season 2 !

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