« The perfect murder » – Peter James

Hi everybody,

Today I’m going to speak about a novel entitled  » The perfect murder « written by Peter James (my favorite writter at that time) and published in 2010.
This book is one of the lastest novels published by Peter James.

 So this novel talked about a couple ( Victor and Joan ) that can no longer stand. They are married since twenty years old but things did not happend like they had hoped years ago. Now Victor want to kill his wife and Joan feels the same. So both planned a way to kill his spouse. In some point of view it’s two perfect crime but characters have to keep calm because things can degenerate.
However things will not happened as good as previous and it’s going to be a hell for one of them.
During the story there are suspens and we want to know the following and see the future of the characters because if you will read it you ‘ll see that characters behaviour evolve.

 So if you like suspens, crime … I recommend this book and furthermore this novel is very fast to read.

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