Can I Track The Location of a Cell Phone by Number


In countless movies and TV shows, when the bad guys make phone calls, the police manage to nab them by tracing their phone. Simply put, the bad guys get caught because their cell phone numbers get tracked. 

Can you track the location of a cell phone by number in real life? The answer is it’s complicated. Cell phone network operators have this capability, but they aren’t allowed to share the technology with you. 

So how to track a phone by number if you don’t have an in with your phone network operator? Your only real option is to use a spy app with location-tracking support. These spy apps are capable of tracking SIM cards, and thereby the number. 


Part 1: Type in Phone Number and Find Location for Free

Spyic shows how to find someone’s location by cell phone number. It’s a well-known phone monitoring solution, popular with people looking to keep tabs on someone discreetly. 

The app can track any iOS or Android device remotely. The app works via your web browser and offers regular updates on location-related activity.   

1.1 Track A Cell Phone Location by Number In Real-time

Spyic brings a good mix of features and advantages. It’s also easy to use, which makes it easy to recommend: 

Spyic provides pinpoint location-tracking 

Spyic offers precise location tracking, using both the phone’s GPS as well as the network-based SIM card tracker: 


  • Virtual map: You can view the target phone or tablet on a virtual map. Their current location will be pinned on the map, with some details printed alongside. This is the last-known location of the device. 
  • Addresses: There’s a detailed location log at the bottom. This will capture the address-related information of the location. You can view street names, neighborhoods, cities, and much more. 
  • Timestamps: Every location entry has a time and date alongside. This tells you when the device was registered at a certain location. You can figure out when someone entered or exited from somewhere.
  • Google 3D Street View: Spyic offers an integrated Google map. You can use Google’s tools like a 3D street view to take an up-close look at interesting locations. 
  • Geofence: The geofence option allows you to mark a perimeter on the map. When the phone enters the zone or leaves it, you receive a notification. It’s an excellent way to track someone long-term. 


Besides the usual location tracking option, Spyic also comes with a specialized SIM card tracker: 


  • Phone number tracker: You can keep an eye on the SIM card with the app and sign up to receive a notification if the user changes their SIM. 
  • SIM card details: You’ll be able to pick out information like the cell phone carrier information and IMEI number. This information can be used to track the phone. 
  • Location tracker: There’s a location tracking option at the bottom that allows you to find out the SIM card’s location via the cell phone carrier network. 



The app can optionally work in secret 

Spyic is a hidden phone monitoring solution. It’s popular with parents looking to keep an eye on their kids from afar. As such, it’s designed to be discreet. The Android version of the app can be hidden. The iOS version is fully web-based and can’t be detected. 

There’s no rooting or jailbreak involved 

Spyic works without root or jailbreak, and it can be installed without much tinkering. The lack of root or jailbreak also means Spyic doesn’t cause problems like data loss or malware. 

You access the data from your browser

If Spyic is installed, you can access the data it sends you from your web browser. The app has a web-based interface. All of its functions, including the location tracker, can be accessed from there. It’s fairly intuitive and works well. 

It’s a recognized brand  

Spyic happens to be a well-known brand and has over a million confirmed downloads. The app works reliably, from customer accounts, and is used by people worldwide. It’s also one of those rare spy apps that don’t store your personal data.  

1.2 How to Track A Cell Phone Location by Number

In 1.2, we explain how Spyic works on Android devices and how to go about installing it. If you want to track an iPhone instead, read part 2. 

Spyic for Android is a small, 2MB app. You will have to physically install it on the device which you wish to track. Afterward, you will be able to track the device via your web browser. 

The app can be hidden once installed if you find it necessary. Essentially, you will be able to track the device without the user knowing. 

The app requires you to have an account up and running. Once the account is made, the website provides setup instructions in your email inbox. The app can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Spyic will have to be downloaded and installed on the target device. Once the installation is done, the app can be hidden.  

There’s an Android live demo you can try out before you commit to purchasing Spyic. You can set up Spyic for Android in no time via any smartphone or PC. It’s easy, fast, and safe.   

Part 2: How to Track A Cell Phone Location for Free

You can use Spyic to track iPhones and iPads too. As a bonus, Spyic’s iOS version requires no physical software download and installation. That means you don’t need to touch the target device to track its location. 

2.1 How Can I Track A Phone for Free

You can install Spyic for iPhones and iPads remotely via any PC or smartphone. And once the app has been set up, you will be able to find the target iPhone’s location by number via your web browser. 

You will need to sign up for a Spyic account with your email ID as the username. Afterward, you will receive the setup instructions by email. You can launch the Setup Wizard to install the app. 

2.2 Track A Cell Phone Location for Free 

The iOS version of Spyic is a discreet, web-based solution. You need to link Spyic with the iCloud account being used on the target iPhone or iPad. 

Spyic will extract the iCloud account and bring you the target iPhone’s location. As there’s no software involved and seeing as Spyic works remotely, the app cannot be detected. 

Installing the app is painless. It’s also discreet. After everything is done, you will be able to start tracking the phone’s location via your web browser. 


Part 3: How Can I Track A Phone for Free With Number

There’s an alternative to Minspy you can use to track a phone’s location: Minspy. This is a highly effective solution and works reliably. You can use it to track any smartphone or tablet.


Minspy can track the target phone in one of two ways: via the in-built GPS and also via the SIM card. You will essentially be able to track the phone in real-time over days, weeks, and months. 

3.1 Minspy can track the location of a cell phone remotely 

You can use Minspy to track any cell phone number from your web browser: 

Minspy can track locations 

Minspy can track the cell phone’s real-time location. You can check data like street names, neighborhood information, and city names. There’s a map with location entries pinned on it. 

Minspy offers SIM tracking 

The SIM card tracker can track the person’s SIM card and provide important information. You can track the phone number and receive notifications if it gets changed. You can also track the SIM card’s location. 

There’s an advanced geofence feature 

You can use the geofence feature to set up a watched perimeter around a location, and then you will receive an alert when the phone enters or leaves the zone. You can keep watch over important locations like schools or workplaces. 

3.2 Minspy is how you can secretly track the location of a cell phone 

With Minspy, you’ll be able to secretly track any cell phone 

  • The Android version of Minspy can be hidden. The iOS version works fully remotely. 
  • You can set up Minspy quickly, no rooting or jailbreak needed. 
  • The app provides regular updates. You can uninstall it remotely. 

A Minspy subscription is available for a reasonable monthly fee. There’s also a free live demo on offer. 


It’s easiest to understand how to track a phone by doing it yourself. We recommend trying out the free live demos on offer by Spyic and Minspy to get an idea of how location-tracking works. You’ll be able to trace any phone and its number accurately with either app. 

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