The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, often abbreviated as Alice in Wonderland , by Lewis Carroll, have a sequel entitled Through the Looking-Glass.

Like Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass is a pure dream narrative, at least a fantastic story which has a dreamlike atmosphere.

Others authors before him had mixed in their works the imaginary and the real, but Lewis Carroll has the merit of having created an original mixture of onirism and logic.

In fact, the Nonsense is a genre that Lewis Carroll manipulates with genius. The nonsense pretends to give hope the reader a logical explanation and then treacherously wong habits of throught. Film adaptations, such as Tim Burton for example, often combine elements of both books (Alice in Wonderand and Through the Looking-Glass).

Today, Carroll ‘s book remains popular among both children and adults.

The American writer Martin Gardner published The Annotated Alice (not translated in French), which includes Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, along with Victorian poems that Lewis Carroll parodied.

2 thoughts on “Nonsense

  1. I like the nonsense genre ! It permits to dream about fabulous things which are impossible in reality. But if you look carefully there is a bit of logic which reminds us that maybe this fabulous things exists in other way in real life…. I don’t know if you understand my logic, but the nonsense is a bit incomprehensible too !…

  2. I agree with you, Lewis Carrol is pretty good in nonsense genre! It’s great, mainly for children!

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