Full metal jacket

Full metal jacket is a movie made by Stanley Kubrick (yes it’s one of my favorite film directors!!) and it dates back to 1987.

The storie takes place at the end of the 60’s. There are two parts in the movie :

– 1st : we can see young soldiers in the army, they are the new recruits in the training camp. Their sergeant is a brutal and nasty man, he always insults and humiliates them and particularly the soldier Lawrence (he calls him Gomer Pyle) who becomes the drudge of the boys.

This part shows how we made killing machine in the training camp and we understand why the slogant of the soldiers is « Born to kill (because we made them believe that they were born to kill.)

– 2nd : in this part, we can see the soldiers in Vietnam during the war. This part shows the violence of the war and that a lot of soldiers are sensitive even if we made them killing machines.

I think it’s a really good movie which shows the violence of the Vietnam war and what happened in training camps at this time, how young boys turned into killing machines because of the army.

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  1. « Full metal jacket » is full of good things: the narrative construction, the atmosphere, the characters (like Gomer pyle or the sergeant Hartman) and some very strong scenes ( for example, the Gomer Pyle’s death). But in fact, i don’t like this coldness and this distance. I prefer the heat of « Apocalypse Now ».

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