Daniel Defoe

Daniel Defoe was born in 1660.  He was adventurer, shopkeeper, politcian and writer. He wrote Robinson Crusoé. When he was young he doesn’t like write and prefer political and literature.
During his life, he meet Guillaume III and Robert Harley. In 1704, he is in prison because of « intelorance toward Anglican Church ». In prison, he has publish Weekly Review. After that, he lives with pseudonym « ’Alexander Goldsmith ». Afterwards he become outraged of political and he works everytime in literature :

In 1715, he has publish The Family Teacher  and in 1719 Robinson Crusoé. Especially, he has write in 1729 Magic System. Of course he published another books ! 

His books are testimony of economy, social, demographic and cultural development during the 18th century in England and Scotland. He died in 1731.

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