Alfred and Emily

« Alfred and Emily » is a book whose theme are youth and self construction.

This book was written by doris lessing. She was a british novelist, who received the nobel prize of literature in 2007.

In this book, doris lessing wanted to talk about what life would have been if her parents hadn’t known the world war 1. In the first part; her father is always available, and her mother isn’t traumatized. Then in the second part she discribes us her parents as they were during the war. The writer put the reader in their intimacy.
« Alfred and Emily » is a book that really touched me because of the tenderness of Doris Lessing when she described her parents. I also liked the diversity of the words she uses when she evokes her parents and their past life. Throught this book she was able to trace the condition of women, poverty and injustices. Her parents seem to have opened the doors to all the themes. A pleasure to read.

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