One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Ken Kesey

Many people know the 1975 film called « One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest », which is really a great movie -as well as an award-winning movie- starring the impressive actor Jack Nicholson.
However, did you know that this film was based on a novel ?

This 3 million copy bestelling novel by Ken Kesey tells the story of Randle McMurphy, a recidivist criminal who could do anything to avoid prison… Even to pass himself off as a mentally ill person!
The story begins as he is institutionalized in an asylum. In this place,he discovers the patients, such as Chestwick, who turns red and cries when nobody agrees with him,“Rub-a-Dub George”, a very tall man who has an intense phobia of dirtiness,the shy and young Billy who is afraid of his mother, as well as Chief Bromden, a dumb and deaf American Indian who shows himself to be promising at playing basketball… He discovers human-beings, who beyond their insanity , are also extremely endearing and moving.
Rebel against the rules established by the authoritative Big Nurse and her dictatorship, Randle McMurphy decides to revolutionize their little world…

This novel eplores themes like rebellion against conformity through an extremely powerful story and it made a deep impression on me.

I promise you it is not going to make you snore!

6 réflexions au sujet de « One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Ken Kesey »

  1. I may have heard about it, at least the name sounds familiar but I’ve never read the book nor watched the movie. But it looks like it is interresting and actually the topic discussed is not common! I’m going to write it on my « to watch » list 😉

  2. If i say one thing about this movie… He changed my vision of our company and the interpretation of Jack Nicholson is like all his movies exceptional !

  3. Rachel, after reading your article I really wanted to read the book and watch the film. The blurb you write sounds really interesting and I appreciated the theme of the novel about rebellion against conformity. Thanks for making me discover it.

  4. Alexandra, both are really moving to me, and I can only advise you to see the movie or read the book, because it’s deep! And I will be happy to talk with you about it! 🙂
    I fully agree with you Jean Mathias, Jack Nicholson is amazing in every single role is plays! He always surprises me! And this movie also changed my way of thinking about many subjects 🙂

  5. I never head about this film and I’m feeling ashamed because it sounds to be a cult film as well as the book ! And Jack Nicholson’s role seems to be amazing. I’ve so much films to watch and books to read but i don’t really have the time! I looks like soooooo cool, I truly must watch/read it !

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