Alice’s adventures in wonderland

I’m going to talk about Alice’s adventures in wonderland,

This book was written by Lewis Carroll and illustrated by John Tenniel, 2 famous English men. This fantastic novel published in 1865.

It’s about Alice, a young children who waking up in wonderland, first she is trying to catch a white rabbit who says that it is late. Thanks to this extract, she is meeting the cat « dina » it represent the passage of the reality to the fiction. She is also meeting lot of strange people and strange things like the « red queen » who is a nasty woman who plays to games card, it’s a famous passage of this book. In the Alice’s wonderland everything is very strange. In fact, we can interpret these adventures as we want it’s can be Alice’s dreams.

It’s a world where the logic has been abandoned benefit of madness, it’s a surrealist world very colored who is become almost nightmarish.

After this very famous fantastic novel, there were lot of video games, movies, musics etc.. about it. In particular a tim burton’s adaptation with Jonny Deep and a older adaptation by Walt Disney who is the most famous of all and for everyone.

Good reading everybody !

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