Beetlejuice, a film by Tim Burton

Beetlejuice is a film by the director Tim Burton in 1988. It’s first version was a horror story, but they decided to change the scenario to put more fun and comic. It won an oscar of the best makeup and was one of Tim Burton’s success.

The film tells the story of a young couple who just died in a car accident. On the return home, they pass infront of a mirror and realise that there is no reflection: they have become ghosts. After the discover of their death, an excentric family decides to move in and tranform the house with modern sculptures and painting, but the lovers are not going to let them stay forever, they have to make a plan.

An underground world is run by dead people: secretary, the workers, and the manager, the lovers will seek help there and will be warned to not go and see the famous beetlejuice, a filthy pervert and claimes to be a « bio-exorsist ». Stuck between dispair and fear, they will accept his help, but will use drastic mesures to scare the family away. The daughter, quite depressive and wierd will see them and will save them from beetlejuice’s claws.

This film is one of the most bizarre I’ve ever seen but one that made me laugh alot, if you love Tim Burton, I recommend this film at one hundred percent!

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