The maze Runner : The scorch Trials – James Dashner/ Wes Ball

Hey everyone ! I’m going to speak you about a very famous movie :  The Maze Runner.

First, it was a James Dashner’s book who became a best-seller. Wes Ball(the director) decided in 2014 to animate the story into a movie. The Maze Runner series is composed of 3 books with « The Maze runner » written in 2009, « The Maze Runner : The Scorch Trials » wirtten in 2010 and « The Maze runner : The Death Cure » in 2011. So far, only 2 films are released and knew an enormous success around the entire world.

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The Maze runner  is an dystopian and science-fiction movie.In the first, some people were in a square of meadow surrounded by a gigantic Maze.                                                         Every month, a teenager woke up inside a elevator which led him to the square. But they didn’t know why they were here and had any memories of their past life. The only solution to get out : The Maze.

But there is a problem : Indeed, at the night, it change itself  its corridors.. If  Someone don’t come back to the square, and stay into the maze at night he will be killed/ eaten  by the Maze monsters : The « Grievers ». But only runners can go into the Maze. Thomas, the main character was also brought to this place and will trying to find the exit of the Maze which is more difficult than we can think.

(Because of potentials future viewers i will not giving you the end ! NO SPOIL!)

The Maze Runner : The scorch trials is the sequel of the first movie and set into a deshumanized world. The main characters managed to get out the Maze and are now facing to another test : The Scorch. Thomas and others are brought into a center which receives the survivors of the different Mazes around the World. He met Ava Paige, the Headministress of the WCKD (World Catastrophe Killzone Department) an institute in charge of finding a cure against the Flare, a disease which eat the brains and turns the humans into cannibals. Thomas will discover that WCKD inserted the Thomas ‘s friends and him into the Maze because the teenagers are « immune » against the flare and they wanted to test them (although there were a lot of deads). But their practices are really frightening it’s why Thomas and his friends will trying to escape of the centre : they learning that there is a resistance group « Right Hand » hidden in the mountains. It’s the only way to survive.

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I saw the movies and i really found it interresting !  Indeed, there is a lot of suspense, (although it’s sometimes really frightening), and we are completely inside the story with the main characters who risk everytime their lives ! It’s a mixture of all which we like !

Have you read/saw the books/movies ? If  not, i adise you ! It must be seen !  🙂

Here’s the trailer of the first movie:

And the second(Scorch Trials) :

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  1. You’re gonna hate me, but I hated this movie, haha ! It was not my cup of tea, now, we always see the same style of films. Boring ! 😉

  2. I liked the first movie but I hated the second one! Too strange for me … (zombies!). But I heard that the second movie was totally different from the book so I’ll probably read it one day to compare!

  3. Yes, Indeed I prefer also the first one movie ! I’m sorry for you Elisa, I know that you prefer shlasher, disgusting and horror movies..We don’t watch the same things apparently !

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