A clockwork Orange


I’m going to talk about the famous film produced by the famous filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. Before being a movie it was an english novel wich was written by Anthony Burgess and adapted to the cinema in 1971. We talk about a si-fi movie.

It’s about a teenager called Alex DeLarge who is a violent boy, they are on the margins of society with his friends who are deliquents, they are always in violence the commit crimes like rapes and burglaries, and that, just for the pleasure to do wrong. they have the sames costumes, and they do not obey in rules been imperative by the law. Alex is the leader of his clan wich is named « the droogies » Alex lives with his parents and is passionate about the celebrated composer Beethoven. We are often sacred about the madness of Alex.

At the end Alex go to the prison and is transferring to a center to try to helps him to cure him against the violence and others crimes he could do again. There is a very a visible change when he gets out the medical center, he became nice and polite. With the treatment that he is suffered he is sick when he becomes to be violent..

He is a new character, he was changed, and the last sentence that the main character said (Alex) is « Oh yes, I was cured for good »

Personnally, I recommend you the book or the movie, both are great !

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  1. I’ve studied this movie (and also the book) with my TPE’s group last year. At the moment, I didn’t really like it. Even if the story and the staging were interesting, I wasn’t much of a fan. Maybe it was because of the TPE… I would probably enjoy it better if I read it nowadays.

  2. This movie was such a slap in the face when I saw it with friends! I can’t say I enjoyed it very much, because it’s not really relaxing haha, however there are many amazing ideas, and little things he says that I kept in mind…Such as the way he calls Beethoven…If I hear anyone talking about « Ludwig van », I will stay away from this person for sure! 😉

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