Café society by Woody Allen

Café Society is a movie directed by Woody Allen and released in 2016.

The plot unfolds in the 30s. The main character, Bobby (Jesse Eisenberg), works in his father’s jewelry but he can’t stand his job anymore. Luckily for him, his uncle (Steve Carell) is a wealthy artistic director in Hollywood. So Bobby decides to leave his peaceful life and to go to the Hollywood conquest. To do so, he asks his uncle to let him work in his agency. First, it is a failure : his uncle refuses because Bobby doesn’t seem to have the required qualities. But, after several attempts, he finally accepts to hire him… but as a  running menial errands ! Even if it isn’t what Bobby excepted, he takes the job. Soon after, he meets Vonnie (Kristen Stewart), his uncle’s assistant. He instantly falls in love with her… Unfortunately the last one is already taken. For all that, he persists because Vonnie is actually the only thing that matter for him since he can’t find any interest to his new life in Hollywood. As a misfortune never happens alone, Bobby will find out that his uncle is the one dating Vonnie. He will have to move forward, but it is without counting the other difficulties which are waiting for him.

All along the movie, we are witnessing each character’s failures. Even if the scenario lasts only a few years, we easily depict their miserable lives. Indeed, they mostly feel remorses and regrets although they belong to the upper class.

As always, Allen managed to captivate us. We all can recognize ourselves into one of the characters. Furthermore, the movie brings together all the « ingredients » necessary to please us : comic scenes, a one-way love story, unexpected elements… But above all : excellent actors. By the way, special mention to Jesse Eisenberg who perfectly fits Bobby’s role.

As you probably understood, I really like this movie. If you never saw it, I advice you to do. Here’s a little foretaste :

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