22 10 2019


1G4 Thursday, October 17th

17 10 2019

Tâche finale : pour la rentrée , la direction de l’établissement vous a demandé de réaliser une campagne pour prévenir la propagation des Fake News.

Donner des conseils et prévenez des conséquences.

Support : celui que vous voulez.

Utilisation de should / ought to

AIDE : livre page 28

1G4 For Thursday, 17th

11 10 2019

Find ideas to what to tell young people so as not to share fake news on social media.

In your notebook !



1G4 Thursday, September 26th

26 09 2019

Pour Jeudi prochain : test le matin sur Figures / synonymes good and bad / link words

Jeudi après midi : entrainement CO

Here are some exercices  on connectives and link words

ex 1         ex 2            ex 3                ex 4                   ex 5                        ex 6                   ex 7                  ex8                  ex9

QCM1                    QCM2            QCM3                 QCM4            QCM5


gap-fill exercice1                 gap-fill exercice 2                    gap-fill exercice 3             

Je vous mets sur Ecole directe correction good / bad et link words


1G4 Thrusday, September 19 th

19 09 2019

In class : work on the cartoon book page 18: Describe the picture and write how it illustrates the news article studied in class.

For Tuesday : find out synonyms for BAD  and GOOD  , the goal being to avoid using those 2 adjectives in your essays.

Learn the worksheet  given today on Figures and Numbers.







1G4 Thursday,September 12th

13 09 2019

For Monday 16th  : you have to read the article again and write down in your notebook the answers of the survey . Be ready to talk about those answers and say what you think about them. Everything you write in your notebook must be learned !

Click on Phonetics chart to listen to the alphabet.
Here is a video to prove, if you are not convinced, that pronunciation is really important !

The candidate

The iRabbit



1G4 Tuesday, September 10th

11 09 2019

For Thursday, read the article given, check the vocabulary and be ready to talk about it in class.




1G4 Thursday, September 5th

6 09 2019

Here is the link to the picture (page 14 ) you have to describe for Monday in your notebook.

Here is the link to present the new « bac » concerning English only.

Here is a genially on some important things to know

Diaporama règles du Contrôle continu

Le contrôle continu en voie générale