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Tle LLCE , Thursday, December 5th

Here is the genially we have studied today.

For Monday : watch and take notes on the videos : Maccarthysm /American life in the 50s / the video on the American Justice system.Read the text given on the Hollywood blacklist and answer the questions.

Two interesting videos !

And here is the trailer of the film I told you about :

Don’t worry Darling !

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Tle LLCE, Thursday,December 8th

Here is the article I have given you.

Simon Lancaster

How to use rhetoric to get what you want – Camille A. Langston QUESTIONS

The unreliable narrator

LLCE Tle ,Wednesday, November 30th

Rappel : dans notre cloud et regardez les documents que j’ai déposé. Notamment celui intitulé Effing Trip et Effing elements de correction.Dans le 1er vous avez un lien sur the Donner Party que je vous conseille très fortement de lire.

Pour demain mercredi : lire l’article sur Marlon Brando ( vérifiez le voc ) .Voici un padlet avec quelques extraits de ses films les plus célèbres.

Sur ce padlet , regardez la vidéo intitulée « Marlon Brando’s Best Actor Oscar win for « The Godfather » | Sacheen Littlefeather ».

Tle LLCE :Westerns

Here is my padlet on American Frontier.

Some series or films to watch on Netflix

News of the World, Paul Greengrass, 2021  ( la mission ) : a great western.

Godless, a No Man’s world

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, by Joel and Ethan Coen, composed of 6 short films.

Mardi 18 octobre : professeure en grève

1ère Ada Lovelace and Tle LLCE : Tim Urban , inside the mind of a procrastinator ?

Tle LLCE, Thursday,September 15th

Here is the padlet How British artists have been leading the way on social and political battles since the 19th Century. This padlet is composed of the documents we are going to study and some extra documents to know more about the topic.

Concerning the video we have seen in class, no need to say that you have to be able to write/talk about the topic.

For Monday, September 19th :

in your book ,page 110 , describe and analyse the painting ( use the method given in class ) . Use the culture spot. Be careful, there is a mistake in the name of the painter : Luke Fildes.

Read document 3 page 111 , watch the video ( digital book )  , and answer the questions ( a to e ) in your notebook. Get ready totalk about the documents next Monday.

Daniel RADCLIFFE singing Blackalicious’ tongue-twisting « Alphabet Aerobics. »

Et si vous voulez vous entrainer

The Queen and James Bond

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