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European schoolchildren set to unite for First World War spectacular in Gosport

SCHOOLCHILDREN from a trio of nations will join forces for the finale of a touring show. Bay House School in Gosport is gearing up to host the final two outings of the production Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Featuring pupils from Lille in France, Garmisch-Partikinger in Germany and Bay House School, the performance has already wowed audiences at a host of prestigious locations – including the National Theatre of Bavaria, in Munich. It is centred around a theme of the First World War – as this year marks the centenary of the conflict’s 1918 conclusion – and focuses on the question ‘why wasn’t it the war to end all wars?’. As he prepares to welcome the touring show’s finale in Bay House’s Main Hall tonight and tomorrow afternoon, executive headteacher Ian Potter said: ‘We are delighted and excited to have been part of this ambitious and significant project. ‘I feel privileged to have seen first-hand how the camaraderie has developed between the youngsters from the three schools. They have made friends for life. ‘Apart from their standing ovation in Germany at the premiere, the moment that stands out for me was the touching scene of youngsters from all three nations cleaning the graves of the soldiers in the cemeteries of France. ‘I could not have been more proud of them all.’ The show was pulled together in 2016, off the back of its would-be company’s visit to a number of First World War sites and museums. It has been helped by funding from Erasmus and the EU, with additional sponsorship from Luckett’s and the Rotary Club.

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