La cabane du rêveur



Search informations about Shigeru Ban’s architecture in his website, and write a report  in english, on a choice of three architectures which have different structural characteristics.

A title will precede every paragraph, which will summarize the principal idea.

Getting started with Photoshop


Subject : Imagine a little house  (12m2) in recycled materials, for a « dreamer »

1 Model

Build a model with materials  that you bring next lesson : the house will look like the materials found.

2 Make a perspective of your house in an environment


La Villa Dall’Ava, Rem Koolhas, 1984-91 : the house is a glass pavilion containing living and dining areas,with  two perpendicular apartments at each side, and a swimming pool encased in the concrete structure .

Our grand-parents’cabins  : photographies de Nicolas Henry


You make a report, containing :

  1. A page about Shigeru Ban (pictures and text)
  2. A page about the Villa Dall’Ava of Rem Koolhas (sketch and text)
  3. The specification for your dreamer’s architecture
  4. Photography of your model
  5. A perpective of your architecture in a landscape

Dimensions des différents éléments d’architecture intérieure

How to present your photos

Joseph Müller Brockman invente la grille



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