Wednesday, May 27th Questions on British food

Publié le Mercredi, 27 mai 2015 à 13:02

Voici vos questions

What are the  favourite drinks ?

In the morning, what do people eat ? What is the traditional English breakfast ?

What time is lunch ?

What is the traditional British food ?

What is served with fish and chips ?

Who delivers milk in GB ? What does the milkman deliver in the morning?

What do the Bristish generally eat for dinner ?

Is the fish and chips cheap or expensive ?

What are the popular foreign restaurants ?

Foreign : etranger / d’un autre coté

Give another name for dinner :

What time do pubs open ?

What time do the British eat their 3 meals ?

What is the currency in GB ?

What time is lunch ?

What kind of restaurants are very popular in Britain ?

What do we do in a pub?

What time do British people eat dinner ?



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