1ère S3 Ellis Island Tuesday,November 22nd

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The Oral History of Lucy Attarian From Turkey

Lucy Attarian was a five-year-old Armenian child from Turkey who came to America in 1921. During the legal inspection on Ellis Island, the immigration officials doubted that Attarian was her parents’ child because she had light coloring and they were darker. The officials thought her parents may have been bringing an orphan into the country and so separated them during the legal inspection to test that theory.


The Oral History of Paul Lauric From Yugoslavia

Paul Lauric arrived from Yugoslavia in 1940. He was 14. Lauric had the right papers to enter the country, but his 16-year-old brother’s visa was rejected. His entire family opted to stay on Ellis Island to be with Lauric’s brother. He talks about their three weeks as detainees.

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