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The Oral History of Paul Lauric From Yugoslavia

Paul Lauric arrived from Yugoslavia in 1940. He was 14. Lauric had the right papers to enter the country, but his 16-year-old brother’s visa was rejected. His entire family opted to stay on Ellis Island to be with Lauric’s brother. He talks about their three weeks as detainees.

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The Oral History of Lawrence Meinwald From Poland

Lawrence Meinwald recalls coming to America from Poland in 1920, at age 6. His family traveled in steerage. Meinwald describes the ship, the sleeping arrangements, the food, and seeing the Statue of Liberty for the first time.

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1860 1890 more than 14 million immigrants came to the USA

They came from England, Ireland, Scandinavian countries  ( Sweden Norway, Finland, Denmark ) Germany

Looking for a better life, to climb up the social ladder

They represented the first largest wave of immigration

At the end of the 19th C , there is a second wave of immigration

The voyage took 14 days

When they arrived on Ellis Island, they were inspected : a medical one and a legal one.

If the emigrant was in good conditions and had his ID papers in order, it lasted 3 or 4 hours.Only 2 per cent were excluded.

1907 a peak in immigration : 1.25

Ellis closed In 1954 and opened in 1892 more than 12 million immigrant went through ElLis Island

Today, it is a museum

Immigrants were looking for a better life , they wanted to experience the American Dream<;

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