Tles ESL , Monday, January 21st Nosedive

Publié le Lundi, 21 janvier 2019 à 17:53

As we won’t have class for the newt two weeks : you have some homework to do !

Learn the vocabulary and classify the words and expressions.

Finish the worksheet on Black Mirror « Nosedive »

Extra Questions

Why does Lucie need to upgrade to a 4.5 ?

What can you say about her 3.7 brother ?

The scene with the truck driver : what is her story ?

Last scene : where is Lucie? What happened to her? Explain the scene with the man.

Video to watch

Snowden’s alternative Xmas message

BBC’s alternative Xmas messages : a program going on since 1993, various famous people , humorous or serious , thus called since they are alternatives to the Queen’s Xmas message.

Famous people : Brigitte Bardot   Jesse Jackson  Major Andrew Stockton, a British soldier who lost his arm fighting in Afghanistan , Marge Simpson ,  5 child survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire [4]

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