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Finish Mobility : Students’ survey

After the mobility we did a survey asking the students 4 questions ( What did you expect ? what did you learn?, what was the most exotic thing about Finland? Lastly, what has been your best experience in Finland?

Here are their answers


I expected a lot of difficulties to speak with my host family. I learnt a lot of Finish words. I tried the mammi and it was special. The best things was the frozen sea, the chocolate factory and the life in my host family.


I expected a lot of snow. I learn a little bit finnish
The most exotic think about finland is a fish.
My best expérience is swimming in the frozen lake


I expected more time in Helsinki, and maybe that the school days and activities were very different ; and I was also very excited to taste all the food.

I learnt a lot of things about Suomenlinna, some words in Finnish and I was very happy to learn another lifestyle, of another country.

I my mind, the most exotic thing was the cold weather that is usual, and when we were in the cold lake.

For me, the best experience was to try another lifestyle and meet a lot of people from different country. I also loved try some Finnish habit.


1. I expected the finnish food à hoped there is kind personn
2. I learn à little Bit of finnish. I learn to make finnish food
3.There is à lot of fish in finland and there is always snow. There is always bad weather.
4. My best expérience is when I waqil swimming in the frozen lake


I expected it to be cold, that I would have fun, that I had trouble speaking English, and I was afraid that I would not have a good relationship with my correspondent.

This trip helped me improve my English. I learned the habits of the Finns and the Finnish culture. I learned some finnishs words .

For me it was the frozen lake and the sauna.

The best experience on Finland for me was the frozen lake and the sauna. I also really liked the chocolate factory.


what did you expect : I wasn’t expecting something from the trip, maybe learning a little bit of finnish and make some friends !

What did you learn : I actually learned some words like : « thanks », « hello », « rye bread » !
I also learn some vocabulary in english too.

the most exotic thing about Finland : the most exotic thing in Finland was probably the weather, cold and humid weather.

best experience : i think I don’t really have a « best experience » because I enjoyed all the things I did, but if I had to choose on thing, I guess I’ll take the frozen sea !