Pupin – Tesla exhibition at Pupin Virtual Museum

Pupin Virtual Museum, with help of Sorbonne University UNESCO Club, Serbian Telekom, Mihajlo Pupin Educational and Research Society and Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, presented  the first Pupin Virtual Museum exhibition « PUPIN-TESLA » :

« Four days before the 159th birthday of great scientist Mihajlo Pupin, Telekom Srbija and the Mihajlo Pupin Educational and Research Society, with the support of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, presented, in his birthplace of Idvor, the activities to be taken on the national level in the course of 2014 to mark Pupin’s year.

During a specially guided tour through the Heritage Complex in the village of Idvor, a new exhibition entitled Pupin – Tesla and the www.idvor.rs website, which provides for a 3D tour of the scientist’s birthplace, were presented in the Mihajlo Pupin Virtual Museum. Telekom Srbija, which aided the two projects, also presented as a gift a large TV set to the Heritage Complex in order for the visitors to be able to learn more about Pupin through video. Likewise, a QR with the basic information about the sites in both Serbian and English was set up in the Mihajlo Pupin’s Endowment – National Home.

“It was our wish to present a new exhibition as a virtual museum on an authentic location and to invite everybody to visit this place personally. Those who are unable to come may learn widely known and lesser known information and data about the life and work of Mihajlo Pupin in the virtual museum and to walk through the Heritage Complex by simply visiting the Idvor website. In this manner, we brought Idvor closer to those for whom the village is too far. For fourth months now, the work of Mihajlo Pupin has lived in the museum which is now available to every citizen of the world”, Marija Boškovi?, the manager of the PR Department of Telekom Srbija, said.

With the Mihajlo Pupin Virtual Museum project, which was launched on 29 May 2013, the tribute is paid to the brilliant scientist, inventor, professor, honorary doctor of 18 universities, recipient of many scholarly awards and medals, and honorary consul of Serbia to the US. The visitors have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the life of the great Serbian scientist through ten sections: a trip through Idvor, a trip to America, his work as a professor and recognition, timeline, autobiography, scientific opus, national and political contributions, legacy to the National Museum, legacy to the University Library and charity work.

The first in a series of visiting exhibitions in the virtual museum at www.mihajlopupin.rs describes the relationship between Pupin and Nikola Tesla, and the visitors will be surprised to learn that it was not a relationship between the competitors, as claimed by many. The www.Idvor.rs website is made available in three languages: Serbian, English and French, to all those who do not have an opportunity to visit the village of Idvor.

“This 3D presentation of the Heritage Complex in the village of Idvor is of particular importance because Pupin himself presented it wherever he went and explained even though the media the position and spirit of his birthplace. This is the first time that Idvor is made visible on the world map“, the vice-chairperson of the Mihajlo Pupin Educational and Research Society and author of the project, Aleksandra Ninkovi?-Taši?, said.

“Idvor is my birthplace though this fact tells very little because it cannot be found on any geographic map », Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin, who would probably be proud of the fact that the place through which he used to stroll one and a half centuries ago can now be seen from every point on the globe, used to say.

These are only the first activities on the eve of 2014 which, on the national level, will be marked as Mihajlo Pupin’s year. On this occasion, postage stamps will be printed to commemorate 160 years of his birth. His work will also be included in the programme for the commemoration of the centenary of World War One. »

Taken from Telekom Serbia