Lisa Bluhm about Nikola Tesla


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Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe. Throughout space there is energy.  — Nikola Tesla, 1892

  Nikola Tesla can be regarded as one of the most influential scientists of today. Nikola Tesla was a pioneer in many fields and his ideas were beyond their time but they allowed him to invent technology that paved the way for the future of modern society. Nikola Tesla invented and patented the rotating magnetic field, the basis of most alternating-current machinery. He also developed the three-phase system of electric power transmission. He invented the Tesla coil, which is an induction coil widely used in radio technology.

Tesla was a pioneer in many fields.  The Tesla coil, which he invented in 1891, is widely used today in radio and television sets and other electronic equipment. Among his discoveries are the fluorescent light, laser beam, wireless communications, and wireless transmission of electrical energy, remote control, robotics, Tesla’s turbines and vertical take-off aircraft. Tesla is the father of the radio and the modern electrical transmissions systems. He registered over 700 patents worldwide. His vision included exploration of solar energy and the power of the sea. He foresaw interplanetary communications and satellites.

Without Nikola Tesla’s inventions and Patents one must ask themselves if we would live in the same world and society today. Nikola Tesla has given to this world much more than any man of wealth and power could. He has provided this world and modern day society with things like Alternating current, X-rays, Radio, Remote Control, Electric Motors and Lasers. He has changed the face of the planet in more ways than one man ever could.

The electric motor has been one of Tesla’s inventions that have an impact of almost everybody in the world. Ranging from household appliances such as a kitchen blender or a washing machine to power tools in garage. Everybody in the world to some small extent has come into contact or has been influenced by one of Nikola Telsla’s inventions. Motor Cars, ceiling fans, power tools, weaponry used in wars. Nikola Tesla affects the daily lives of so many people around the world.  Nikola Tesla’s Alternating Current induction motor is utilised throughout the world in industry and household appliances. It sparked the industrial revolution at the turn of the century.  Electricity today is generated, transmitted and converted to mechanical power by forms of his inventions. Nikola Tesla’s greatest achievement is his polyphase Alternating Current system, which is today lighting the entire world.

Nikola Tesla was a true visionary and because of his inventions society has been able to move forward into a technological age where people can have more freedom to be able to listen to their car radio on their way to work, watch the evening news on their TV, children using ceiling fans in school on a hot day, using appliances in the kitchen to help prepare a meal or simply turning on the light switch to light a room on a dark evening.

Nikola Tesla helped create, shape and revolutionise the world we live in today.

Lisa Bluhm

Griffith University Gold Coast Queensland Australia