Sustainable Leadership Summit highly recommended by UNESCO Club Sorbonne

Fantastic Forum with extraordinary concept & amazing set of speakers :

Sustainable Summit

“Businesses, Governments and Social Sector not only have a considerable impact but also have a collective responsibility to lead and take effective decisions for sustainable future. Individuals and organizations have to deal with unpredictable challenges sustainability issues which are interconnected in nature.The challenge here is not only to find solutions, but to develop a new form of leadership  for individals and organizations which is holistic in nature.The Sustainable Leadership Summit  intends to discover What sort of leadership will be required by entrepreneurs, government officials, CEO’s, diplomats, managers, and Social Entrepreneurs, civil society leaders?Which organizations are champinions of sustainability from different sectors? What are their best practices?

We provide the platform for thought leaders, organizations who are interested in discussing challenges and innovative solutions to resolve pressing issues of the world. By facilitating dialogue, we expect to map the emerging trends of the innovative solutions and the type of leadership required to deal with issues related to sustainable development.”

UNESCO Club Sorbonne actively participate in Sustainable Leadership Summit.