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Theatre workshop of the Werdenfels-Gymnasium Garmisch-Partenkirchen

For the ERASMUS+ -project there were much more applicants than places so for this reason the professionals from the „Residenztheater“ prepared a theatre workshop to create the best team for the next two years.

The workshop lasted two days and the focus was on acting, dancing, showing self-confidence and teambuilding.

We started with some nice games to know each other better and afterwards we had to present ourselves with reflections about the First World War. At the end of this first day we got the task to make a short presentation for the second day (2 minutes!) to show what is important for us.

At the beginning of the second day we started with some warm-ups, which were relatively complex and then we had to present different emotions by telling always the same phrase. Happiness, hate, anger, rage etc. Then we had to show our feelings and emotions by getting good or bad news and the task was to put oneself in the position of someone.

The next step was really a big challenge for us: dancing. Most of us thought that this part of the workshop would be an awkward one, but afterwards we were very surprised about the results. First of all we had to follow a single act, then we danced in little teams and in the end we acted with the whole group. The focus on this exercise was not to dance technically correct, we had to show emotions and expression was very important. And in the end it wasn’t awkward at all, on the contrary it was great fun.

Finally it was the time to present our „homework“, a short act to impress ourselves and the students showed a huge variety of acting, card tricks, lyrics, singing etc.

After the workshop was over we were all exhausted but happy!! It was real fun and a unique experience for all of us.

Antonia Eisenreich, Werdenfels-Gymnasium


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