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A detective story (1)

Posted by on 2016/02/21

Petite histoire policière écrite par les élèves de 4°4


square (Small)



Géralt Emontrin, Justine Habituel, Taka Toukité, Héli Coupter and Jessica Trisé were a group of friends.

They wanted to create a society, everybody paid the project expect Jessica.

The night of the 3 december between half past ten and midnight, Jessica and Héli died in the fountain.

At half past ten Taka and Jessica were quarelling on the square.

Géralt was in a restaurant near the square between nine o’clock and eleven.

Justine was at a concert from nine to eleven .

Héli went out of his flat at 10.30 pm.

The victims were found in the morning at 5.30 by a dust-man.

The forensic scientist determined that the victims were stabbed near the fountain. Actually, Héli, Justine and Geralt had comploted against Jessica.

But Héli didn’t want to kill Jessica so Justine and Géralt killed him too, because he wanted to go to the police.

We have found fingerprints on the knife.

They are in prison, Taka is innocent.


Joshua, Elias, Omaïma, Léo and Elysa 4è4.

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