Dear Miss Jacquet,

It’s been almost three weeks that the end of the lockdown has been announced and to be honest, my vision of life has changed. Despite the fact that this period has been intense for me with the virtual classrooms, I learnt that there’s no need to live a life at 200mph everyday and that relaxing and taking some time for us is really good. And for me that vision works with a lot of things, as humans, we should learn to leave our Earth alone by reducing our consumption of clothes, food etc… The unlimited needs of humans push us to consume more and more but with the lockdown , I think that everyone learned to live with less things and became aware of the fact that the most important things in our lives are the love of a person, the love of our families and of our friends.

The lockdown also confirms my vision of the future, in my opinion we should reduce our emission of carbon, our consumption of food and clothes really fast because our planet can’t hold the rhythm. It makes me determined to act for the environment later by joining an NGO like Greenpeace. Concerning me, I have some habits that I need to apply in my everyday life like: practicing more sports like running or workout and to eat more fruits because it’s a challenge for me since a long time ago and I want to change this. I also want to be more sociable and to enjoy my youth with my friend way more than before.

On top of that, summer is coming and I can’t wait to enjoy my holidays!

Take care of yourself, see you in September!


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